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Wave Panels are the latest products designed to treat a range of acoustic problems typically found in room listening environments. Standing wave reflections, flutter echoes, and low frequency build up concerns can be addressed simply and affordably with our new range of studio-grade fire and mould resistant acoustic treatment products.

wave The bass region is usually the most difficult to rectify and bring under control. The lower the frequency, the physically longer it’s wavelength and the more mass is required to influence its behavior.

Bass notes tend to congregate in room corners. These merging sound waves result in resonances, or sound “nodes” that can wreak havoc with the perceived bass response, making some notes appear louder than others.

Wave Panels acoustic treatment products are an effective and affordable way of improving the acoustics of just about any listening and musical performance environment. They are also very useful in lowering overall noise levels in various commercial applications.

The quest for sonic perfection is an ongoing thing. You could literally spend thousands dollars in improving the various components in your setup, only to have the sound of your speakers ultimately compromised by simple physical factors such as resonance and other sympathetic anomalies.

The Wave Panels acoustic wall tiles can be used for both side to side or front to back treatment. Great for use on walls, ceilings and generally wherever problem areas occur. The 50mm corrugated pattern is good for a general reduction of reflections, reverb and flutter echo.

Helping to remove sound reflections and excess echo in your room, the ST 12 standard tiles should be your first step in room treatment. Even in smaller home or project studios just 12 standard tiles can make a significant positive impact on your listening environment.

Wave Frames are a clever combination of elements brought together to make a simple and attractive looking solution to acoustic control. By using sculpted acoustic foam for immediate midrange and treble absorption, a limp-mass resonator is added to act on the lower frequencies. Both elements are then suspended inside an attractive looking
frame that can be hung like a picture.

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